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Trendy Tips, Tricks and Goodies for the New Mom

with Virginia Hendrickson

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Virginia Hendrickson (Ginny), a mama of 3 month-old, Duke, tells us the process of her labor and how doulas played a role in her success. Ginny explains that her labor began at 36-weeks and was slow and manageable. At 38-weeks, when true labor pains began, it was fast and intense! She made it to the hospital within 1 hour of Duke’s arrival!

Ginny had so many useful tips, items, and goodies in her arsenal that she is the main contributor to the best baby things list in the bonuses section of The Pregnancy Prep. Ginny has a fantastic calm demeanor, which really helped her throughout the labor and delivery process. This relaxed outlook proved more helpful than any item she could have purchased!

Ginny and her husband, Joel, were a little shocked at how quickly Duke was making his entrance into the world. Upon arrival, Joel wondered if he should move his car from the emergency drop-off area. Having a doula’s instruction let her husband be a part of the delivery without the additional stress of managing his wife’s response to contractions. Needless to say, he didn’t have a chance to move his car and all went well!

Luckily, Duke took to the breast right from the start. Ginny predominantly feeds him directly from the breast and she is happy to say that he is now on a 3-hour feeding schedule AND sleeping through the night! Go, Duke! Ever-changing breast sizes during postpartum has had Ginny search out the most comfortable and functional nursing bras and breast pads. See them listed in the BEST BABY LIST BONUS that comes with Online Classes.


  • Consider having a doula if feasible as a support person.
  • Stay relaxed. Mindfully keep your pelvis open, inner thighs relaxed, deep breathe and move with contractions in squatting positions.
  • Consider barre as a form of exercise pre and post-pregnancy.
  • Ask your family for help with household chores, but set limits on how early and how often they arrive to visit.
  • Having items on hand that has been vetted by other mamas and have numerous trusted reviews are nice to have when returning home.


  • Bbhugme Body pillow Ginny used to sleep through the night while pregnant. She brought this to the hospital with her and found it had numerous uses in propping and positioning because it is bendable.
  • Wildbird Ring Sling Baby-wearing fabric sling that Ginny likes best because it is made of durable, soft linen. She finds this brand is less scratchy or stiff.
  • Thinx Panties Great for postpartum week 2! No-show absorbent panty that made a believer out of Ginny. She said you could go all day with no leaks!
  • Innate Response Formulas Baby & Me Vitamin Ginny attributed her lack of first-trimester nausea and also less strong effects of baby blues to these vitamins! Everyone’s body is different, but they worked for her!
  • Bracco Maternity Belt A favorite for back and belly support, great during exercise. Ginny used this while going to Barre classes!
  • Honest Company’s Organic Belly Balm Helps to decrease stretch marks and allows your belly to expand comfortably!
  • A TON MORE in The Packing List in The Pregnancy Prep Bonus section!


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