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4 Things to Expect in Your Third Trimester

These are common fears, pains and experiences in the third trimester of pregnancy.

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While you want to be planning everything before baby gets here in just a few weeks time, most women are fretting a little too much (ie. freaking out). Also, a surprisingly large number of families decide to move homes during pregnancy (must be that nesting instinct). Beyond the need for the perfect place to bring home baby, what are third-trimester women really thinking about?

  1. FEELING HUGE. Yes, things get really big in the third trimester. Surprisingly you probably never thought your belly could stretch as much as it is, nor how much your belly button could protrude. Additionally, moving your body is getting slightly more difficult. Getting out of bed can be a chore, walking can be painful and bending is near impossible. Try turning to your side before pushing yourself up with your hands to get out of bed. This puts less strain on your back. When bending, try instead to step forward with one foot to ease your body down vertically. Other areas of the body also grow and expand, including moles and hair patterns. Your body is super-charged with human growth hormone. If you have something unusual happening to your body, seek a medical provider to take a look!
  2. WHEN WILL I SLEEP AGAIN? You are probably realizing that sleep is far and few between. More women in the third trimester have nightmares and anxiety that creep in regarding birth and your baby. Having a good nightly ritual can help you ward off insomnia. Think baths, lavender, reading and words of affirmation. Nix: screen-time, planning, cooking or cleaning. Write down the things that are bothering you so that they are out of your head and onto paper. Your mind will naturally free up headspace by getting “it out”. Sleeping less is your body’s natural way of preparing for when your little one is here. Babies tend to wake and feed 2-3 times a night at first.
  3. OUR SEX LIFE IS GONE. While some women see an increase in their libido in the second trimester, most women in the third trimester are exhausted and feeling self-conscious. Sex in the third trimester may even worry your partner just too much. Unless you are high risk for preterm labor, sex is usually safe, healthy and unlimited during this time. Finding positions that make you comfortable and accepting your beautiful baby-bod are key. Partners making an effort in the daily household duties to pamper their pregnant ladies can lead to a more satisfying relationship, which might lead to…
  4. UNCOMFORTABLE. Pelvic pain in the pubic bone area, lower back pain, headaches, baby’s movements, bladder pressure, and heartburn are all amplified. Most of these are normal, though if they concern you, you should make a quick phone call to your medical provider to ask them what’s up. Smaller meals come back into play at this time because you just can’t fit a large meal. Avoiding acidic, caffeinated, and spicy foods may help reduce heartburn. Over the counter antacids can sometimes help. Wearing a belly band can support your belly while walking and standing to put less strain on your back. Make sure you are getting proper hydration throughout the day to avoid headaches. Sadly, the end of pregnancy is challenging, but this how you start to like the idea of pushing your baby out! Naturally, you will tire from being pregnant and will just want to be holding your baby in your arms instead of your womb.

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