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Learning to Celebrate Your Rainbow Baby

Honoring pregnancy and infant loss awareness month of October.

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You may have heard of the saying, “after a storm, comes a rainbow.” For some mothers, it could be after 1, 2, or 3 storms and with a lot of additional help comes their rainbow. Honestly, “before every rainbow baby, comes a strong, beautiful and courageous mother.”

Eight amazing women came together to share their deeply painful stories of the loss of their babies. You can’t help but be captivated by their perseverance and strength. They have the hardest story to tell, but they also share incredible hope and happiness as they anticipate the birth of the rainbow babies.

These eight women want you to know that you are not alone in this. One in four women will experience pregnancy or infant loss. Sadly, it is a common occurrence to lose a pregnancy. Worse, it can occur without reason, warning or cause. It can happen to anyone and at anytime in the pregnancy. One mama, Kimberly, lost her baby boy, Evan at 41 weeks! He lived for 8 hours. Despite such tragic loss, these women have found a reason to persevere and build their families. Some of the mothers mentioned how it made them better mothers, closer to God, or cherish their current pregnancy a little bit more. If only we all could have such a positive perspective. I am inspired by these 8 women and I hope you are too!

Thank you rainbow ladies, for sharing your precious baby’s stories with me. Through these stories they live on! *Trigger warning* this may be difficult to view for some mothers.


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Photo credit: Joann Marrero of Labor to Love Photography


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