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Before Baby: Mama in the Making

Before Baby with Janine Puzas

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***UPDATE!***Janine delivered a boy on 3/26/17 at 1:46pm 8 lb 3 oz 20.25 in

I had the pleasure of talking with Janine Puzas of Seattle, WA before she delivers her first child! She is 25 years-old and is thankful for a smooth and easy pregnancy thus far. She shared what she has done to prepare for delivery, what she hopes her birth experience will be like, her birth plan and her plan to feed baby boy Puzas. She tells us how she is a little fearful, but with the support of a doula and trust in herself, she is relaxed in knowing it will come and it will be as it should be.

Janine has taken a birth class with her husband in addition to having a doula. She hopes to avoid the use of an epidural during her labor process, but like most mamas, she take comfort in know that if she needs one, it is a possibility. Personally, I feel that what gives you the confidence you need when approaching labor and birth, is most important. If knowing that you have the availability of an epidural, or perhaps knowing you definitely want one or not, gives you a feeling of strength and confidence then that alone is worth it. There really is no right or wrong way to birth a baby.

“We’ll just take things as they come, let it happen, try not to worry too much about it. I’m trying not to stress too much like ‘oh my gosh, I have to remember to breathe this way.'”

Her most important goal is to breastfeed successfully. She has a real desire to support, nourish and bond with her baby through breastfeeding. Janine says that she is aware that sometimes it doesn’t always work out, which can be true, but she is going to give it her full attention and effort. Having determination is key here! BreastPrep can help prepare and keep going!

Key take-aways:

  • Be open, be confident, find support from whom or what you need it from.
  • Interview and find a doula you really connect with.
  • Lack of sleep prior to delivery prepares you for the lack of sleep you’re about to experience when your baby is here!
  • Continue prenatal vitamins while breastfeeding.
  • More stimulation of the nipples, causes the brain to send signals to the breast to make more milk! This is how twin moms make enough for twin babies.
  • You don’t really need too much for breastfeeding, just you and baby.
  • “When in doubt, put the baby to the breast.”

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