The 25 Best Gifts for Expecting Mothers

2018 Holiday Gift Guide for New Moms or Moms-to-be!

Every year, I buy some awesome gifts for the women I know. At one point or another, they’re expecting a baby or just had a baby. So now I am an expert at great Christmas gifts for new moms! If you’re struggling with what to get the pregnant woman in your life, don’t worry I’ve got you covered!

From $5 to $500, and with gifts ranging from strollers to luxury towels, there’s something for every woman.

Personally, I love buying 1 thing the mom really needs and 1 thing that’s a little indulgent that she wouldn’t buy for herself, but definitely wants!

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Having the best gear is not necessary to be a great mom. However, when there is a good item out there that could change a mom’s daily life, I have to share it. Good gear lasts a long time and can be used for multiple children.

These are some of the higher ticket items, but a new parent will be super thankful to receive any of these!

1. Doona convertible car seat and stroller


This find of a lifetime is number one on my list for a reason. This innovatively designed car seat extends to a stroller with the flick of the wrist. This stroller is easy and light to push down and hook into the car seat base. A new mom can do this with one hand even alone!

If you’re in the market for a car seat, you probably need a stroller too. Get this one and be prepared to share rave reviews with friends.


This is the diaper bag to end all diaper bags. It’s supple leather, the perfect butterscotch color and extremely utilitarian. If you want something that goes with your outfit, as well as, holds all of your cloth diapers, extra outfits for baby, teethers, wallet, and your laptop.

I have legitimately considered buying this bag, even without having a baby right now. I’ll eventually need it, so why not buy it now and get some practice with it? Who’s with me?

3. guava family travel lotus crib

Have you been nervous to travel with your little one? My friend, Bek Arascunaga, just got back from an across country trip with her 8-month-old, Hugo. The hardest part of traveling that far with a baby? Not the flight, surprisingly. Once they arrived, they realized how much they needed a place for Hugo to sleep that wasn’t located in bed with them.

This nifty pack and play crib can be packed into a backpack the size of a carry-on. Accessible and easy to travel with, why not buy this versatile pack and play instead of one that doesn’t PACK. Learn more about this family-made company.


Fun gadgets are a thing of the past. New moms want stuff that works, doesn’t break and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. You’d think this isn’t too much to ask, but it actually takes a lot of reviews and word of mouth to figure out what are the best baby gadgets.

4. the ultimate BABY MONITOR

This baby monitor has 26,000 4.5 star reviews on Amazon. I bought this monitor for my best friend, Aleeta Kenny, and she legit loves this thing. I have been able to use it, adjust the camera angle from the remote monitor, see in color and check the temperature of the room. It does all the things.

This is a mainstay on this list. It even comes with another camera lens in case you want a closer or wider view of your baby’s crib.

5. Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Dry air wakes babies up, and so does noise, heat, cold, and your presence in the home. Babies can sense when you are on the same floor as them (it’s their survival mechanisms). Humidifiers help mostly in winter, but can also be good for congestion relief too.

6. Making your labor room tranquil with music

Transform any hospital room into a tranquil place to give birth with soft music playing through your contractions. It is a positive activity to visualize your birth experience while picking out your labor playlist. This Amazon Echo is on sale!

7. Battery-Operated Tea Lights

Transforming a hospital room is no easy task, but a few tea lights in the corners of the room will be good distraction points for a laboring mom to focus on during contractions. These battery-operated tea lights are safe for the house and hospital room to soften the mood and help mental focus. 

for baby

It’s surprising how a little human requires so many of their own things. They need their own tub, their own washcloths, their own utensils, and the list goes on. Here are a few things that are perfect for a new baby!

8. baby’s first blanket

Every baby needs a “woobie”. These miniature-sized blankets are super easy to tuck into a stocking stuffer. These smaller versions of blankets are more easy to put into a crib when the baby is young when they shouldn’t be tucked with a full-size blanket yet.

9. Tummy Time mat

They’re not pretty and they’re certainly not cute! But effective? Yes! They work really well at mesmerizing infants during an entire session of tummy time. Any pattern will do, but make sure you like the song it plays because it will be stuck in the parent’s heads.

10. Snuggle Bath Tub

Exceptional bathtubs that grow with baby are worth their cost! When a baby is a newborn, they really only need a sponge bath every few days. Once you can support them with one hand, or with the help of a partner, this tub is best. Eventually, a baby can sit upright on their own in the tub (under supervision). Love it!

Sleep & Health

There is nothing more important to a new mom than getting whatever sleep she possible can get with her baby. Here are a few of the best gifts for a new, sleep-deprived mom.

11. Classic White Noise Machine

You don’t realize how magical white noise really is until you need a baby to sleep. Works like a dream. Like Pavlov’s dogs to a bell, some babies can fall asleep just from the sound of the white noise. They can become so used to the connection of sleep with white noise that some babies can put themselves to sleep.

12. Gentle Baby Essential Oil

Good for expecting moms for stretching bellies (diluted in coconut oil) and sleep, as well as, for babies. This gentle scent includes geranium, lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang, and bergamot. Diffuse only around babies, be careful applying ANY oils on a baby under 2 years old!

13. Newborn baby Sleeper gowns

Let’s be honest, new moms hardly put their babies down! Between breastfeeding and comforting, babies don’t sleep on their own for very long. These sleeper gowns are the best when a baby is young! They don’t disturb their sleep for diaper changes and they’re easy to put on and take off. Young babies will be swaddled to keep them happy, so they don’t need sleep-suits yet.

14. Pregnancy Pillow

Mothers wait too long to buy one of these pillows. I don’t think which pillow you choose matters, as long as the body and the belly are supported. Moms rave about how this transforms their ability to get a good night’s rest in those last weeks of pregnancy!

stocking stuffers

There are a ton of great stocking stuffers for mom. You could even make an awesome breastfeeding basket with a nice water bottle, lip balm, granola bars, handheld breast pump, silicone breast pump, a great breastfeeding schedule tracker and nipple balm!

15. Nipple cream

Motherlove’s nipple cream has long been touted as one of the best in the business of breastfeeding. I’ve smelled it and it smells like extra virgin olive oil with soothing extracts to decrease nipple soreness and help heal cracks and rawness. This is the perfect little stocking stuffer!

16. Birth Affirmation Cards

MamaNatural has come out with a beautiful birth affirmation card deck. I wish I had thought of this! They are an easy way to remind yourself to support your positive mindset as you prepare for baby.

17. Ripe and Ready Birth Tea

This loose tea helps to soften the cervix in the weeks before birth. This cozy tea reduces anxiety and overwhelm that a mother faces before labor and birth, in general, has a calming effect as well as a grounding effect. It helps you slow down and find peace in the moment. These are caffeine free!



Books and preparation tools are important. There is a huge learning curve about to happen when becoming a mother and women in the 21st century are more apt to seek the answers themselves than to ask family. Get them these essential parenting books to get them started off right!

18. The Pregnancy Prep Complete Course

Of course, The Pregnancy Prep made the list! This is the ultimate resource guide for any pregnant woman! This will help a mother get through pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding like a pro. With 24/7 support system available online at any time, what could you give that would impact her any more than this?

19. Sleep Training Book

After breastfeeding, the most common difficulty is getting a baby to sleep through the night. This is one of the best books out there with the highest ratings to successfully help new parents train their baby to sleep. Early on, the baby won’t be sleeping through the night, but this book can get them prepared to know what to do when it’s time!

20. Real Food for Pregnancy

Solid meal plans and sound nutrition is important building blocks for pregnant mothers. This beautifully rich colored book explains which foods have the densest nutrition so that mom and baby are adequately nourished in this time of growth.

21. Postpartum Nutrition

Another book on the art of nourishing the healing body to help support breast milk production and restoration. Beautiful photos and recipes are scattered throughout the entire book. A strong emphasis is made on bone broth and ancient methods to make healing bowls of food. My friend, Mary Noel, made a ton of these meals after she delivered twins and she did wonderfully in the postpartum time.

22. The Fourth Trimester

This is another fantastic read for women learning how to handle the hardest trimester, the “fourth trimester” that no one talks about. This is a supportive read that helps mom through hard emotions and loss of independence. Who knew that it’s hard becoming a mom? Let her know that you are with her, support her and for her by buying the book she won’t buy for herself!

for mom

Okay, a lot of these gifts are for mom. Why? Because expecting moms need support, education, comfort and baby things. This time is huge for a woman and any gift is helpful. Here are some products that new mothers need to have in their homes!

23. Fresh thick towels

You don’t realize how luxurious fresh bath towels feel than after you just gave birth. Get these highly rated, thick towels in gray so that new moms don’t worry about staining them. Bonus if you can get her a towel warmer too!

24. Aromatherapy hot pack 

So hot packs and hot water bottles are not recommended in pregnancy, but now that mom’s have delivered, they can use them again! Hot packs that have a lavender scent are great for sore backs and cramps that a newly delivered mother will experience during breastfeeding and post-birth.

25. Plush Robe to Make the Hospital Cozier

Hospitals are kinda cold and not cozy. A robe is a kind of a must because it will cover you when you walk around in the hospital, covers your top, but allows quick access for breastfeeding. Additionally, robes can make you feel like your home even when you’re not.

This concludes my awesome round-up of the 25 best gifts to give an expecting mother! I hope you found a few items in this list that you or the woman in your life could benefit from. If so leave me a common below and tell me what you loved about this list!

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