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Follow up: Mama in the Making has her Baby!

Janine has her baby!

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Read Janine’s BEFORE baby interview here!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Janine before AND after she had her baby boy. Two weeks prior to her due date, I spoke with Janine about everything she was worried about regarding delivery. She honestly wasn’t too nervous for birth because she had prepared to have a doula present along with her husband. When baby, Joshua, was taking his sweet time almost 1 week late, Janine started to become super-sensitive and tearful whenever the delivery was mentioned. Thankfully, she went into labor all on her own at 40 weeks and 6 days pregnant. She had a beautiful, medicated and well-supported delivery with a doctor (one she never met)!

As you might remember, breastfeeding was her ultimate concern after the delivery. She breastfed Joshua immediately after delivery and has been doing so for the past 3 months! She and Joshua love breastfeeding and say that it’s “totally worth the pain” of engorgement 3-5 days after delivery. If she could say anything to new moms during the postpartum time, it is:

“Don’t get down on yourself… and it’s okay to feel sad, it’s okay to feel lonely, but it does get better!”



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