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Your 4 Biggest Pregnancy Worries

Something about pregnancy makes your instantly worry more, even when doing things that never concerned you before. These are the 4 most common concerns I hear as an ARNP.

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Good, that’s totally normal. There are a few common pregnancy worries I hear from almost every patient I encounter, and most can be answered with “that is normal in pregnancy.” But that isn’t really relaxing, is it?

Let’s discuss the 4 most common pregnancy worries you’re fretting over and why they’re no big deal.

  1. How do I know everything is okay with my baby?
    At the beginning of pregnancy, nausea and occasional cramping remind you that you are, indeed, pregnant. Then, as you approach your second trimester, these feelings subside (thankfully!) and you may feel “just as if nothing is happening.” You feel good! Your energy is back, you’re hungry again. You just don’t actually feel pregnant anymore. This is normal and you will SOON feel those tiny baby kicks to remind you that everything is alright. Follow up at your regular prenatal visit for heartbeat checks and hang tight, soon you will wish you were this comfortable. Fetal movements occur anytime between 16-20 weeks, but most commonly around 18 weeks in a new mom.
  2. Am I gaining too much weight? Not enough weight? What is expected?
    Probably just the right amount, Goldilocks. At the start of pregnancy, nausea usually consumes us and eating to stay alive is the focus. Most women tolerate small, frequent meals consisting of mostly carbs. Adding a bit of protein will go a long way in satiating your body, but you might still fit into your normal clothes for the first 14 weeks. However, you might even LOSE weight! Don’t worry too much about this in the beginning, unless you are unable to keep anything down including water (then see a medical provider). 14 weeks is a magical turning point. What was the steady line of your weight is now going to start to rise. In a healthy woman with a BMI of 20-24, we would expect you to gain about 10 pounds at 20 weeks. From then on, it is about 1 pound a week or 20 pounds more before delivery! Most women can expect to gain 26-36 pounds by the end of pregnancy! Woohoo!
  3. So I keep having this pain on one side of my pelvis! What could this be from?
    Ahh, the dreaded round ligament pain. VERY common, though still very painful. Similar to a side stitch in the crook of your pelvis, and usually the right side. This is a growing pain of pregnancy and at one or point or another, you will most likely experience it. Round ligaments hold your uterus in place within the body. They stretch as your uterus expands to accommodate a growing fetus. Sometimes they pull on one side more than the other. This is normal pain and will wax and wane as the pregnancy progresses. It may even alternate sides! If you have dull, generalized cramping across the lower abdomen with or without back pain, then you should contact your medical provider. We don’t like cramps that get worse with time or radiate to or from the back {red flag}.
  4. Delivery. Pain.
    Okay, okay, we know delivery is painful. What you don’t know is how well you will tolerate the pain. You might be wondering, “can I do this?” Well, the answer is an absolute yes, you can! Preparation is KEY. Knowing alternative methods to pain relief and all of the medical treatments available to you (and at your choosing) will make you feel much more capable of handling delivery. Knowledge is power in this instance. My experience has shown me that women who are completely unaware that delivery was going to be painful were 1. done a disservice by their provider and 2. living in a cave and needed education! The baby is definitely the “fruit of your labor” and the prize at the end is worth all of the pain. You will be amazingly surprised at what you are willing to tolerate when push comes to shove. Taking a course like The Pregnancy Prep will get you focused on the prize and empowered with all the pain relief options at your disposal!

Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one. – Gloria Steinham

This is not medical advice, but general information. Please consult your medical provider for concerns.


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