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High quality, gold-standard, evidence-based education from a licensed medical professional with 13 years of experience.

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No more having to sit in a room full of strangers, taking time out of your busy schedule or forcing your partner to join in breathing activities.

Now you can learn how to have the empowering birth of your dreams right from the comfort of your home! This doesn’t mean you have to forgo the safety of a hospital or from medical professionals just to have beautiful birth. You no longer have to choose to have a home birth to make it magical. I will teach you how to make your hospital suite a tranquil birth retreat.

Become empowered and educated by Chloe Quinn, MSN, RN, APRN, a medical professional. 12 powerful lessons on preconception, pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding brought to you by a nurse practitioner with 13 years of experience working in labor and delivery and obstetrics and gynecology. Want advice based on science and research?
You’re in the right place. Concrete facts and real information are found here.


The Pregnancy Prep Complete Package comes with LIFETIME ACCESS and includes 12 video lessons


From vitamins and ovulation to the first few weeks of pregnancy. How to plan, what to expect and how to enjoy it! Everything you never knew!

  • Preconception Do’s and Don’ts
  • Nutrition, Exercise, and Vitamins (oh my!)
  • Early pregnancy: Weeks 1-20
  • What to expect: Signs and Symptoms
  • Genetic Testing and Ultrasounds
  • Infertility and Warning Signs
  • Zika Virus: What you need to know!
  • *BONUS* Fertility Deep Dive Mini Video Series (Kits, Tests, Tricks!)
  • *NEW* Covid-19 Recommendations

All the details from the last few weeks of pregnancy to the last few minutes of delivery. You were made for this and I’ll help you get through it all!

  • Late Pregnancy: Weeks 20-40
  • Labor Signs and When to Call
  • Pain Relief Techniques and Options
  • Delivery Methods
  • MDs vs. Midwives: What is the difference?
  • Postpartum and Blues

One of the hardest learning curves is breastfeeding. There’s so much to know! From how to breastfeed to pillows and pumps. Know if you’re doing it right!

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Benefits of Breastfeeding
  • Starting out: Skin-to-skin care & the first feeding
  • Milk Production and Let Down
  • Latch 101
  • Nipple pain, Engorgement, and Mastitis
  • Formula Feeding Basics
  • Pumping and Return to Work


Everything I teach my patients ✔︎
Everything you need to know ✔︎
Stories and advice from real moms ✔︎
A private mama support group ✔︎
The ability to stay at home ✔︎
Access anytime and anywhere ✔︎


UNLIMITED ACCESS to 12 video lessons on preconception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Each are approximately 15-25 minutes long. Watch them at your own pace anytime and anywhere (even when you are in labor and need them the most)!


How do you envision your most beautiful birth? How do you want to feel during labor? Who is your sole supporter and what do you need to feel empowered? This detailed Birth Plan Workbook (PDF) is designed to help you think deeply about your best birth and how to achieve it. Unlike any other birth plan out there. (value $147)


Exercise and stretching techniques safe to perform during pregnancy that may even relieve some of the most common pains experienced!
(value $97)


Full explanation of how many poops, pees and feedings you can expect  from baby. Detailed print-out PDF chart that you can take with you anywhere and keep track of your baby’s poops, pees and feedings!
(value: $97)


Connect with mamas around the world and gain access to their collective wisdom. A great place to bond with other women going through pregnancy too!
(value $200)


The best things to have when pregnant, to take with you to the hospital and to have for postpartum. The best stuff on the market for 2020! Exactly what you and your little one need most!
(value $57)

“This was one of my best experiences! Chloe was so amazingly helpful and generous with her time, non-judgmentally answered all my questions big and small, and really supported me in making the right decisions for my body.”


“Aw hi Chloe!! Thanks so much 🙂 had a great delivery at Stamford Hospital. Our son Liam was born on September 26. We are doing well and I'm feeling much better. Thanks for everything! I tell all my friends trying to get pregnant about the TPP! It helped me feel informed going into labor/at the hospital. I love your get pregnant guide! I consulted that PDF multiple times while trying to conceive. It was just a good way to check in to see if I was tracking things properly.”

— Christina Scott


Classes were specifically designed for the millennial woman who is trying to conceive or who is newly pregnant! It starts at the beginning of conception and ends with bringing home baby!

  • For Smart, Millennial Women
    Traditional birth classes are old and outdated. Essentially, you will be bored and you will watch a lot of videos recorded in the 90s. Most intelligent women of today want access to a beautiful, high-quality online class from a medical professional. This is exactly that class.
  • For First Time Soon-to-be Mothers
    Women who are not yet pregnant or just found out that they’re pregnant! Congrats! Want to do everything right the first time? This is perfect for you!
  • For Introverted Supportive Partners
    For partners who work late or just can’t make traditional birth classes fit into their schedule (or maybe they just dread in-person classes)! Partners tell me how they loved joining in without having to go out.
  • For Busy Professionals
    Watch from home when you are available! More women today are working and starting families. Trying to squeeze in a 6 hour long class on the weekend is just too much. These classes can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, and at any time.
  • For Women Who Want to Deliver in a Hospital
    Maybe you want the option to have pain medicine. Maybe you want the proximity to surgical means in case something goes wrong. Maybe you just really like your doctor. I will show you how to have a beautiful hospital birth.




Preconception Prep



Pre-Pregnancy Class

  • 4 VIDEO LESSONS: Fertility and ovulation, vitamins, exercise, nutrition and health, early symptoms of pregnancy, genetic and chromosomal testing, prenatal visits and ultrasounds, zika virus and more!
  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group, Fertility Deep Dive Bonus Class!
  • 20% discount on coaching services
  • Unlimited updates and tech support
  • Lifetime access


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Delivery Prep



Birth Class

  • 5 VIDEO LESSONS: Third trimester expectations, discomforts, high-risk pregnancy, labor, pain relief, hospitals, midwives vs MDs, vaginal birth, c-sections and postpartum prep (blues, depression, anxiety).
  • BONUS: Birth Plan PDF, Exercise Video, Best Baby List, Private Facebook Group
  • 20% discount on coaching services
  • Unlimited updates and tech support
  • Lifetime access


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Breast Prep



Breastfeeding Class

  • 3 VIDEO LESSONS: Learn how to breastfeed, how to know if the baby is getting milk, nipple pain, milk supply, positioning, scheduling, latch, pumping, milk storage, formula feedings, and complications.
  • BONUS: First Few Days of Breastfeeding Schedule Worksheet (PDF) and Guide, Private Facebook Group
  • 20% discount on coaching services
  • Unlimited updates and tech support
  • Lifetime access
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The Pregnancy Prep COMPLETE COURSE



All 3 Pre-Pregnancy, Birthing & Breastfeeding Classes

  • 12 VIDEO LESSONS: Everything you need to know!
  • PreconceptionPrep (4 lessons)
  • DeliveryPrep (5 lessons)
  • BreastPrep (3 lessons)
  • BONUSES: Worksheets, Workbooks and Videos
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Unlimited updates and tech support
  • 20% discount on coaching services
  • Lifetime access
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No Risk - 30 Day Guarantee!


Will I be able to ask you questions?

Yes! There is lifetime access to The Pregnancy Prep Private Facebook Group where I’ll be to answer questions alongside some super-experienced mamas! Where else do you have access to a nurse practitioner before AND after your delivery to answer those breastfeeding questions you’ll have at 2 am? Only here!

Will this replace my city's local birth education class?

Yes, absolutely! This is a complete childbirth course. It applies to almost anywhere in the United States.

What if I don't learn well from presentations?

Videos are presented in a class format, just like if you were to attend a birth class in your city. It will feel like a personal one-to-one session as I guide you step-by-step through pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. A complete write up of each lesson is done after every video.

What if I don't like it?

I am pretty certain you will love it. In fact, this course is tailored around what women told me they wanted, what they wish they knew and based on years of labor and delivery experience. But, if you really aren’t happy, thats okay! There is a 30-day money back guarantee. 100% money back.

Will insurance cover the cost of this birthing class?

Possibly yes! While every insurance carrier is different and there is no guarantee; childbirth classes (like this one) are usually covered or are an eligible expense from health savings accounts. Please call your insurance carrier to find out specific details. You can also request an itemized receipt to send to your insurance company.

How soon can I access the material?

It’s available to you immediately and the videos never expire. I will continuously add new material and you will get lifetime updates!

I'm 36 weeks already. Which class is right for me?

Definitely DeliveryPrep, but you will also find BreastPrep extraordinarily useful. Once you have your little babe in your arms, you will realize that the hard work begins now! Yes, birth is challenging, but breastfeeding isn’t a walk in the park and it lasts a lot longer. It is best to prepare for breastfeeding just like birth!

Will my partner benefit from this course?

Yes, completely. I highly recommend your partner join in alongside you when going through the course. They’ll be there when you are going through labor, so it helps if they also remember and repeat a lot of the training in those moments!

I'm planning a hospital birth. Is this course right for me?

100% YES. This course is most beneficial to those who know they want to deliver in a hospital, but don’t quite know which pain relief option to pick. YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW THIS YET! This course is based on evidence-based practice and will prepare you for all the big decisions that lie ahead of you during labor and birth.

This is my second baby. Can I still gain knowledge from taking this course?

YES! Maybe you want your second birth to go differently than your first?You need preparation for that. This course will help you become well informed to make the best decisions that are right for you. If that means an unmedicated birth, a VBAC birth, a home birth or a scheduled or induced birth – this course is right for you and will review all your birth options. Preparation and support is a key influencing factor in how your birth experience might turn out the second time around!

I live in another country outside of the US. Can I still take this course?

ABSOLUTELY. Birthing basics, pain relief options, breastfeeding and nutrition really don’t vary regardless of where you live. This course is intended to best serve women who will be delivering within the US, but that does not mean there is a great overlap in information and preparation techniques that you can use anywhere!

I know I want an epidural. Will I still benefit from this course?

HECK YES! You need this course just as much as a woman choosing an unmedicated birth. I am 99% more familiar with hospital-based medicated births because 99% of my patients choose this option. You need to know your options even with medication (there are a ton) and typically you will still feel some pain before you can receive your epidural. This course will benefit you greatly!