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Ready to be a mom?


Just quit your birth control?
Confused about timing ovulation?
Don’t keep trying without any direction.
Know exactly when you’re most fertile.


“Chloe helped us finally get pregnant after trying for almost 10 months. It was so nice to talk to someone about all my worries and fears without revealing to my friends and family what was going on. Thanks Chloe, we are so grateful!”

— Andrea McNamara



Our modern society is weak in the area of fertility awareness, but we’re darn good at educating you about pregnancy prevention. Medical providers probably haven’t informed you about your naturally declining fertility (can you believe that starts after age 32?). So when it finally becomes time to get pregnant, we all just figure “it will happen,” right?

If you just quit your birth control and are searching for information on how to time your cycle to achieve pregnancy, you are in the right place.

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant on your own for a few months and that positive test hasn’t shown up, you are in the right place.¬†

If you are worried that you will be disappointed, yet again, despite doing everything in your power to read fertility apps, ovulation predictor strips, thermometers, or (to put it bluntly) signs in your underwear, you are in the right place.

My name is Chloe Quinn, MSN, RN, ARNP (hey!). I want to come alongside and help you, no matter how you are struggling to get pregnant. You are not alone and counsel is just a call away. Whether you just want insight into your situation, to hear what you’re next best is in your path to pregnancy, or to decipher your lab work or news you just received, I am here. I love to answer your questions because I care, I’m invested, and I’m genuinely interested in how your story will unfold. So shoot me a message here.